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2023 Policy Priorities

  1.  Advance the positive pro-patient/pro-consumer bills being considered by the state
    legislature this year:

    • ​Ensure Coverage of Cancer Bio-Marker Testing

    • Ban the Health Insurer/PBM Practice Knowns as Co-Pay Accumulator

    • Allow Qualified Psychologists to Prescribe Behavioral Health Medications

  2. Challenge bills and policies that stand to harm consumers and compromise access to life-
    changing drugs such as:

    • ​Further Expanding the State’s Power to Set the Price of Certain Drugs (PDAB) Bill

    • Throwing Good Money After Bad on the State’s ‘Ghost’ Prescription Drug
      Importation Program


  • ​Advancing the life-enhancing treatments that the bio-pharmaceutical industry brings to

  • Communicating the logic and policies that affect pricing and access of prescription drugs.

  • Engaging community members and stakeholder organizations to become involved in the
    choices Colorado policymakers make regarding prescription drugs.

  • Encouraging industry support of -- and positive involvement in – community health needs.


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